8 Bad Habits That Are Harming Your Smile

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Posted: January 21, 2022

Now’s the perfect time of year to make healthy changes in your life. It’s also a great chance to ditch some old behaviors that might not be working in your favor. Here are eight habits that our Lone Tree dentists want you to break because they could be hurting your teeth and/or gums:

  1. Biting your nails: Nail biting can chip your teeth and place unnecessary stress on your jaw. Putting your jaw in a protruding position for too long is linked to jaw pain and TMJ. 
  2. Brushing too hard: Using too much pressure when you brush can erode your enamel over time. You may notice sensitivity or become more prone to cavities. Aggressive scrubbing motions can also cause issues like gum recession and poor gum health. 
  3. Grinding and clenching: This unintentional behavior is often done at night or during periods of stress. Unfortunately, it can lead to excessive dental wear, tooth damage, headaches, facial soreness, and other unpleasant side effects. Ask our dentists about getting a custom nightguard to help discourage grinding and clenching. 
  4. Chewing on ice or pens: While a satisfying way to alleviate boredom, chewing on hard objects isn’t doing your teeth any favors. It has similar effects to grinding and clenching. 
  5. Snacking all day: Your mouth produces a harmful acid every time you eat. When you spend the day grazing, you’re increasing your risk of developing issues like cavities. 
  6. Opening packages with your mouth: Your teeth aren’t good substitutes for scissors and other tools. In fact, using your mouth to open things can cause significant damage. 
  7. Using toothpicks: Many restaurants provide toothpicks after a meal. However, you should think twice before using one to get food out from between your teeth. Toothpicks can break and splinter, cause gum damage, or harm existing dental work. 
  8. Avoiding the dentist: Regular dental visits are essential for a healthy and beautiful smile. We pride ourselves on our welcoming and judgment-free office environment. And for patients without insurance, we offer an in-house dental membership program.

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