What Happens if You Don’t Replace Missing Teeth?

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Posted: July 21, 2021

Man after implant treatment for tooth lossTooth loss is more than a cosmetic problem. It can impact everything from the foods you eat to the health and structure of your jaw. While there’s no shortage of modern treatment options — including dental implants, dentures, and bridges — some people decide not to replace missing teeth. Our dentists are here to provide a closer look at some of the consequences of untreated tooth loss.

Difficulty Eating and Speaking 

One of the first areas of your life affected by tooth loss is your diet. To compensate for missing teeth, you might swallow foods without fully chewing them or stop eating certain foods altogether. These behaviors can lead to digestive issues and poor nutrition.

Depending on which teeth are missing, tooth loss can also interfere with the way you speak. You may not be able to pronounce certain words or enunciate them properly. Some people even develop a lisp. These things can impact your social interactions. 

Oral Health Issues 

Untreated tooth loss sets the stage for other oral health problems to follow. It increases your risk of gum disease and bacterial infections. It also changes the alignment of your remaining teeth.

When you don’t fill a gap in your smile, the neighboring teeth will shift toward each other. Eventually, problems such as crowding, crookedness, and uncomfortable pressure can occur. 

Bone Loss and Facial Collapse

You may think that a few missing teeth, especially in the back of your mouth, can go unnoticed. Unfortunately, the reality of tooth loss is very different. 

Without your teeth to stimulate your jaw bone, it will begin to shrink and deteriorate. As a result, your chin and lips can look sunken in, adding years to your appearance. Dental implants replace the roots of missing teeth to prevent collapse and preserve your youthful facial structure. 

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