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Millions of Americans do not have access to affordable, quality dental insurance. All too often, families forgo the preventative, general, and restorative dental care that they need due to a lack of dental coverage. While insurance programs certainly can make your dental care more affordable, they aren’t the only solution.

At Meadows Dental Group by Espire, we understand how the absence of proper dental insurance negatively impacts the oral health of our community members. That’s why we proudly offer an in-house dental program called Meadows Membership exclusively for our uninsured patients. For a low monthly fee, you gain access to preventative care as well as exclusive savings on dental treatments.  

Click here to enroll in this program or call our office at 303-790-2323 to learn more. Our sought-after dentists have proudly served the Lone Tree community for over 15 years. We are excited about this opportunity to make dental care more accessible across Centennial, Highlands Ranch, and nearby areas of Colorado.

In-house dental program in Lone Tree

How Meadows Membership Works

Our in-house dental membership program allows you to pick the program option that best suits your needs. There is a one-time lifetime activation fee that includes your first month’s membership. After paying that initial fee, you will be charged on a monthly basis at the rate that corresponds with your membership choice.

You can immediately take advantage of your free services and discounts after enrolling. Patients with spouses or children will be happy to know that you can also register your entire family in the program.

What’s Included in the In-House Dental Program?

Dental insurance statistics infographicThe Meadows Dental Membership Program features three unique options to meet the needs of our uninsured patients. Each membership program features specific benefits and savings. Our team will gladly work with you to select the optimal program for you and your family members.

Adult Membership

The adult program is for patients 13 and older. It’s designed for those who receive regular cleanings and who do not have periodontal disease.

This program includes:

  • 2 professional dental cleanings per year
  • 1-2 doctor exams per year
  • Necessary x-rays (as determined by your dentist)
  • 1 Flouride Treatment per year
  • One emergency exam per year (if applicable)
  • 15% off all other treatments (exclusions may apply)

Perio Membership

The perio membership was created for patients who are enrolled in active periodontal maintenance. To qualify for this program, you must have received previous treatment for periodontal (gum) disease.

This membership option includes the same features as the adult membership, as well as 3 to 4 perio maintenance cleanings per year. These maintenance cleanings are deeper than preventative cleanings.

After gum disease treatment, patients require a more intensive service to sufficiently clean the periodontal pockets that tend to form between the teeth and gums. Periodontal cleanings can help you get your oral health back on track.

Child Membership

The child membership is the perfect option for anyone 12 and younger. It includes the same services and benefits as the adult program, as well as fluoride treatment.

Fluoride is an essential mineral that helps protect a tooth’s enamel layer. It works to prevent decay by making a tooth more resistant to the negative effects of plaque and sugar. For children, fluoride is crucial to the proper development of permanent teeth.

Enroll in our Lone Tree Dental Program Today

Exceptional dental care can be affordable and accessible — without dental insurance. Enroll in our in-house dental savings program today by clicking here. If you have any questions, please call our team at 303-790-2323. Meadows Dental Group by Espire happily serves patients from Lone Tree, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, and nearby areas of Colorado.