Reasons To Consider Dental Implants

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Posted: October 30, 2022

Middle age grey-haired man wearing casual clothes smiling cheerful showing and pointing with fingers teeth and mouthMost of the time, people assume that having a tooth pulled is the only time they would consider dental implants. However, thanks to improvements in technology and practice, implants have become a tool that can alleviate several dental issues. Talk to your dentist about dental implants if you’ve been suffering from any of the conditions below.

Your Dentures Are Loose

People that wear dentures often complain that they are too loose or don’t fit properly. While fixatives and adjustments might solve the problem, it’s often temporary. If you’re constantly struggling with your dentures moving around in your mouth, it’s probably time to consider dental implants.

You Can’t Chew Food

Dental implants might be a safer option if you find yourself unable to chew your food properly due to bridge or denture slippage. It’s crucial to chew food thoroughly. Not only can this impact your digestive health, but it can be a dangerous choking hazard.

You Need To Have a Tooth Pulled

Not everyone that needs dental implants has dentures. If you’re young or only need to have one or two teeth pulled, implants could be a reasonable option. The implant can fill the gap of missing teeth more naturally than dentures and bridges.

Your Face Is Sinking In

Dentures look like teeth but, unfortunately, don’t serve all the same functions as teeth. Over time, people with dentures might notice their faces sinking in. This happens because the jaw needs adequate stimulation to encourage tissue growth, which it can't get with dentures. As a result, the cheeks and lips take on a sunken appearance.

You’ve Lost Confidence

A healthy, radiant smile can help you feel confident and attractive. Without it, mental health can suffer. If you simply wish to look and feel your best, that’s a great reason to consider dental implants. Self-care and mental health should be taken seriously!

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