Is Fastbraces® Safe?

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Posted: August 30, 2021

Fastbraces is known for straightening teeth quickly. Many patients complete the treatment in about 100 days. But its innovative design doesn't cut corners in the name of speed. Not only is Fastbraces safe, but it also offers several advantages over the alternatives, including:

  • Fastbraces fact sheet infographic Fastbraces uses light force and flexible wires: Quick results don’t mean harsh methods. Fastbraces gently shifts teeth towards their optimal position. And unlike some other types of braces, this one features a high-tech and flexible wire design.
  • Fastbraces moves teeth smoothly and easily: Fastbraces has non-conventional brackets that allow teeth to move easily. A study from the University of Southern California found the brackets have less frictional forces than other orthodontic brackets.
  • Fastbraces protects the tooth roots: Patients typically experience more root resorption or tooth root shortening the longer they have braces. In most cases, shorter root lengths don’t cause any problems. However, it should be minimized if possible. University research showed that Fastbraces presented less root resorption than the traditional systems tested.
  • Fastbraces was invented by a specialist: An American orthodontist from Dallas, Texas invented the unique bracket system behind Fastbraces. He holds two dental degrees and has a Masters of Science in the specialty of orthodontics.
  • Fastbraces is supported by studies: Fastbraces is a safe and effective way to straighten teeth in less time. The Fastbraces Technology bracket system is backed by over 25 years of research and development. You can trust this orthodontic treatment.

Here’s another great thing about Fastbraces. Your treatment will be overseen by a trained dentist who can monitor your progress and ensure that everything is on track. The same can’t be said for many of the mail-order aligners that are popular these days. They often lack direct dentist supervision, which can mean that problems such as underlying oral health conditions or issues with the treatment progress will go unaddressed. 

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